Insert Line – new peripheral grinding machine for indexable inserts

Peripheral grinding machines for the manufacture of indexable inserts are not a new invention. The Insert Line offers considerable advantages compared with conventional machines. These range from variable grinding wheel diameters that also allow grinding concave shapes, to superior machine kinematics with hydrostatic guideways, to the quality of the cutting edges and reduced production time.


Production time reduced by up to 50%
Grinding wheel diameters of up to 500 mm support the new grinding technology of the Insert Line and reduce production time by up to 50 per cent compared with existing processes. At the same time, the new grinding process by Ewag manages to achieve highest form precision and cutting edge qualities. The new peripheral grinding process produces a theoretical linear contact between the indexable insert and the grinding ma-chine whilst machining the cutting edges of indexable inserts. These free positions be-tween workpiece and grinding wheel ensure less friction. Thermal stress in the contact area is correspondingly lower. Surface damage is eliminated and the removal rates can be increased. The new grinding technology also allows machining of increasingly complex indexable insert geometries. In addition, Ewag has also optimized the grinding kinematics: The center of the C-axis is located in the middle of the swivel center of the B-axis; the CNC axes therefore require considerably less interpolation.

Unique dynamics
Magnetically pre-tensioned hydrostatic guideways, a Granitan machine base and direct drives in all axes guarantee highest accuracies, process safety and ensure unique dynamics. Torque drives in the rotary axes and linear direct drives in the X and Y axes eliminate wear and thus improve precision.
The traditional method of producing indexable inserts used by large tool manufacturers involves lot sizes of 100 to 10,000 units. Consequently Ewag only supplies the new ma-chine with an automatic handling system. The integrated robotic cell is an ideal addition to the highly productive grinding machine. The 6-axis robot makes loading times of less than four seconds possible and can easily be adapted to different customer applications.

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