To produce twice as much…

Recently Chiron presented its new twin spindle machining center for precise 5-axis complete machining in one clamping. This is a true 5-axis center with 2-axis swivel rotary table for simultaneous milling and turning.



More spindles brings more cutting edges and obviously more profit. By using Chiron multi-spindle machining centers with 2-axis NC tilt rotary table and high performance tools, users can achieve multiple performance increases. With the Chiron DZ-12KS Magnum Twin-Spindle, Five-Axis Machining Center, two parts can be completely machined in one set-up with superior quality at the lowest cost.

Huge savings
Working with two spindles has direct impact on the output of the machine. Mr Gondek, Head of Marketing says: “We’ve tested the machine in comparison with classical machining, and savings are really present everywhere. Total machining time is reduced, energy is reduced too as well and human resources. The price per part is then obviously reduced too”.

Complete comparison
In order to have real figures in hands, Chiron compared the following project: Production of 500’000 housing parts with 5-axis machining. On one side of the stage, Two twin spindles DZ 12 K Magnum with energy efficiency package. On the other side: Three classical single spindle 5-axis machining center.
The results speaks for itself:

  • Energy savings:     43%
  • Cycle time savings:     42%
  • Floor space savings:     38%
  • Investment savings:     12%
  • Personal savings:     38%
  • Price of the parts savings:     25%

Turnkey solution
To complement its machining centres, Chiron proposes the Chiron Turnkey concept. This global solution starts already with the analyse of the part to be created. Specialists from the company helps customers to clarify their needs and create the perfect part (if needed). Then Chiron can draw a concept top produce the parts as efficiency as possible. At that moment, you know exactly how the part should be done, what would be the cycle time and obviously what would be needed in term of investment. Once this important step passed, Chiron specialist create all what is needed, i.e. devices to hold the parts while machined, choice of the tools, machines, automation as well as programming and 3D simulation. Once materialised, the customer can benefit from its new solution.

Turnkey or “stand alone machine”
Nowadays, Chiron sells about 50% of its machines as stand alone. Interrogated about this ratio, Mr Gondek says: “We offer adapted solutions to our customers needs, if someone doesn’t require a turnkey solution, our dedicated answer is a standalone machine. In this sense, even such a machine is actually a tailored solution. With the turnkey concept we bring more know how to the customers “.

Chiron will be exhibiting at EPHJ/EPMT in Lausanne (Switzerland) on booth H9, C3, do not miss this opportunity to discover how to save money while producing.

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Kreuzstraße 75
D-78532 Tuttlingen
Tel. 074 61-940 0
Fax 0 74 61-940 8000

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