LNS showcases versatile chip conveyor Turbo MH500

Aluminium, brass, steel: The new chip conveyor Turbo MH500 can handle a multiple range of applications, material and chip types. The Swiss LNS Group introduces this innovation along with a brand new high pressure coolant system and other novelties at various machine tool shows in Europe and USA.

Steel, brass, aluminium: The Turbo MH500 conveyor can handle all kinds of chip material and types and convinces with good level.

The Swiss LNS Group is on the innovation track: The world leader in bar feeding introduces not only the new chip conveyor Turbo MH500, but also an innovative high pressure coolant system, the PowerStream SA. The novelties will be at the center of attention at the upcoming manufacturing technology shows PRODEX (Bâle, Switzerland) and MEDISIAMS (Moutier, Switzerland), amongst others. LNS, headquartered in Orvin, Switzerland, is an international enterprise with seven production facilities and 550 employees around the globe. With successful bar feeder series like Express, Sprint and Alpha, LNS has become the world leader in bar feeding. In addition to that, LNS offers chip disposal and coolant management systems (CCM), making it the one-stop-shop for the machine tool industry.

Time and cost saving: Turbo MH500
Almost a year ago, LNS introduced the first model of the Turbo MH500 chip conveyor on the market. Numerous units have been sold since – both in Europe and the United States. The customer feedback is very positive, reports Jamie Towers, LNS Global Product Manager CCM. “One of the biggest benefits of the Turbo MH500 is the reduction in maintenance required on the machine tool coolant tank. In a specific case one of our clients had to carry out maintenance on existing coolant tank – including extracting and cleaning conveyors and tank – every six weeks. Now he only has to do it once every six months”, says Towers. “That means: The Turbo MH500 saves not only time, but also money for our customers.”

Besides reduction of maintenance and the cost savings, the versatility is the most important advantage of the robust conveyor: Unlike most of the other products on the market, it can handle a multiple range of applications and material, from brass to aluminum, as well as all the different chip types. Additionally, the Turbo MH500 guarantees a good filtration level to keep the machine tank clear of chips. “Machine-tools today are capable of many types of machining processes and produce a wide range of chip types and shapes. The problem customers were faced with was that the conveyor solutions either lacked filtration or were very expensive and complex”, states Towers. “The Turbo MH500 can operate the whole spectrum. It is the most versatile solution on the market.”

Innovative high pressure coolant system
LNS also launches an innovation in the high pressure coolant (HPC) sector: “The new PowerStream SA has been tailored to the clients needs, to provide flexibility and increase productivity. The stand alone unit is compact, pressure adjustments are easy to handle. And the PLC display makes it very user friendly”, explains Jamie Towers. The new high pressure coolant system can deliver up to 140 Bar of filtered coolant for all types of machines. The incorporated coolant transfer pump and on-board coolant tank ensure maximum performance and reliability. Towers: “The PowerStream SA improves tool life and surface finish, optimizing the whole production process”.

Many opportunities to discover these novelties
LNS will exhibit at various upcoming manufacturing technology shows in Europe and Asia: TATEF (Istanbul, 12-17 Oct 2010, LNS Hall 7 – B200), JIMTOF (Tokyo, 28 Oct – 2 Nov, LNS Stand E4023), PRODEX (Bâle, Switzerland, 16-20 Nov, LNS Hall 1.0 – B10), MEDISIAMS (Moutier, Switzerland, 2-6 May 2011) and EMO (Hannover, 19-24 Sept 2011).

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