The leading trade show for medical technology points the way forward

Ten years ago, German companies working in the field of medical technology generated revenue of approximately 5 billion euros. According to the estimates produced by UBM Canon, organiser of the Medtec Europe trade show, (13-15 March 2012 in Stuttgart), this sum has now risen to over 20 billion. Reflecting this dynamic growth, Medtec Europe has now also become Europe’s leading trade show for medical technology.

Medtec was launched in 2002 when it welcomed approximately 100 exhibitors. Since then, the medical technology trade show, which now goes by the name Medtec Europe, has grown by a factor of ten to become the industry’s leading European event. What were the key factors contributing to this success?

Clear subdivisions from March 13 to 15, 2012
The organisers always try to identify the key trends characterising the industry and incorporate these as new areas of interest in the trade show. To design Medtec Europe in the clearest possible way for exhibitors and visitors alike, they will subdivide the key topics into individual areas in the future. In more concrete terms, this will result in the areas of:

  • Medical Automation
  • Medical Cleanrooms
  • Medical Metals
  • Medical Packaging
  • Medical Plastics
  • Medical Rapid Manufacturing
  • Medical Testing
  • Medical IVD manufacturing.

More and more synergies
SüdTec and Designmed are two parallel events that will continue to be held in 2012. With SüdTec, the organisers quite deliberately offer exhibitors from the general supply sector an interface via which they can not only address their core markets but can also, almost as a ‘side effect’, gain a foothold in the medical market and expand their customer base in this sector. As far as DesignMed is concerned, this event is intended for a very specific group of electronics designers operating in the medical technology sector. In this specialist area, UBM canon has also been able to attract some top-quality speakers for the conference that accompanies the event.

New in 2012: IVD Manufacturing
IVD stands for in-vitro diagnostic medical devices and reflects developments in the “Clinical Diagnostics” and “Life Science Research” sectors. In-vitro diagnostic medical devices are medical products for the non-invasive examination of samples. By introducing the area of IVD Manufacturing, UBM Canon is providing suppliers to the manufacturers of these analytical devices and kits their first chance to promote their products at Medtec Europe.

For the first time in 2012: Medtec-Emdt Innovation Awards
The organisers will, for the very first time, be conferring the Medtec-EMDT Innovation Awards. These will go to businesses that have distinguished themselves through outstanding achievements in selected categories. Unfortunately it’s already too late to register (sorry about this late information).

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